Graylady's Boston Terriers


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About Graylady's Bostons

I started raising Bostons in 2013.Over the years I had raised Shelties, an Olde English Sheepdog and Labs. After researching and becoming acquainted with Bostons I realized that raising pedigreed dogs was the only way to go. The knowledge of the pedigree proved to be an invaluable tool for furthering the breed.

Nutrition also is an important aspect in our kennel. Our dogs eat a wet or raw diet. We also include vitamin and mineral supplements and various fruits and vegetables. I like to show future pet owners the teeth of our older dogs. An eight-year-old dog with teeth as white as ivory means a lot fewer trips to the vet for teeth cleaning. I attribute clean teeth to our dogs’ diet.

Socialization of our puppies begin at day three after birth. I begin with a series of short neurological exercises. During the day I play audio clips of ambient city sounds. At night time I switch to the sounds of owls and crickets. As soon as they are able to leave the house, they meet the world. Visiting shopping centers, the beach, and the neighborhood provide the pups with plenty of stimulation. This results in a well-adjusted dog who will adapt to his new home.


Home Grown Bostons

Bostons raised on a Mediterranean Diet

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Our Philosophy

Graylady Bostons is a family operated hobby kennel. We try to adhere to four principles to ensure we have well-adjusted and healthy pets in our home.

Genetics is the most important factor in choosing our dogs. Being aware of our dog’s family tree is an important tool. It aids us in understanding how our own dogs will look and behave. We are also very much aware of the effect behavior and environment have on the genetic makeup. Monitoring our girls during pregnancy helps produce well-adjusted puppies.

A healthy diet is essential in maintaining both mental and physical health of our dogs. A varied menu stimulates our dogs and provides variety. We find it also cuts back on trips to the vet.

All our dogs are health screened for various genetic conditions. We also check sight, hearing, and perform various x-rays of joints. We don’t want to pass on genetic deformities to our puppies. Being responsible breeders is our goal.

We emphasize socialization from the earliest of age both in and out of the home. We begin at three days introducing neurological stimulation. We encourage the puppies to engage with the older dogs as soon as they can walk. Whether we keep the puppy for ourselves or send it to its new home we want to be sure that we have a healthy socialized puppy.